Validación de “Nosotros, el pueblo” / Validation of “We, the People”


Los estudiantes de LHS y PA descubren sus conexiones en enero 2014 / The students from LHS and PA discover their interconnectedness in January 2014

En las palabras de D-Shawn, LHS ‘14

Solo escuchando a otras personas discutir o compartir sobre su vida y sus luchas, especialmente cuando difieren de su propia verdad, da una mejor comprensión en cuanto a los aspectos positivos de la vida de uno, así como las muchas cosas que hay que agradecer. Por ejemplo, en este proyecto en particular muchos de los estudiantes de Phillips Academy eran inmigrantes o estudiantes que no viven con sus familias mientras asisten a la escuela. Mezclar a los estudiantes de ambas escuelas para trabajar en tareas específicas para estimular un sentido de “unidad” es una excelente manera de ayudar a todos a sentirse más cómodos unos con otros, y esto es precisamente lo que hicimos. “Nosotros, el pueblo” era el sentido esencial que dirigía este proyecto y la validez de este título se ha demostrado a través de este proyecto. Invito a otros estudiantes que tienen la oportunidad de participar en el proyecto el próximo año para hacerlo.


In the words of D-Shawn, LHS ‘14

Just listening to other people discuss or share about their lives and their struggles, especially when they differ from your own reality, gives you a better understanding of the positive aspects of another person’s life, as well as of all the things in life that there are to appreciate. For example, in this project in particular, many of the students from Phillips Academy are immigrants or students that don’t live with their families while they’re attending the school. Getting students together from both schools to work on specific tasks to stimulate a sense of “unity” is an excellent way to help people feel more comfortable with one another, and that’s exactly what we did. “We, the People” is the essence of this project, and our work as a group gives validity to this title. I invite other students to take the opportunity to participate in this project.

Klodian Beqiri – Introduction to our project

Klodian Beqiri, Phillips Academy Class of 2014

Hello. I wanted to start off this introduction by thanking everyone that came here, especially the people of Movement City who have been helping us every step of the way in accomplishing this final project, the Lawrence High School students, César Sánchez who has been incredibly inspirational, and Cuchillero the killer (a nickname he earned in the winter term while reading one of his epic poems) for his tremendous passion in putting this class together. I’d like to introduce my self. I am Klodian Beqiri, and I am a four year senior at Phillips academy. I am an immigrant from Albania, but I live in Peabody and have been living there for about 11 years now.

Coming to a democratic nation as large as the US from a rural village in northeastern Albania was a huge culture shock for both my parents and I. The first few years were difficult because we started our lives from nothing: we lived in a small apartment secluded from the rest of society because we didn’t speak the language or even understand the culture that was present here. But as the years went by and I began to assimilate more and more into the American way of life, I still felt like a big part of my identity was missing. I still felt like I didn’t belong because no one could really understand the experience immigrants went through when they first arrived in the US. This was a big reason of why I wanted to take this class. Winter term, for many of my classmates, was an incredible experience because it allowed many of us to tear down the little walls we had been barricaded in throughout our lives and enter a completely different world that is literally next to ours. But for me, this class meant more because it enabled me to meet other people, especially the students at LHS, who shared a similar experience and overcame similar struggles after immigrating to the US.

I think that this final video project beautifully captured the true spirit of the immigrant city and the inhabitants that live in it. Lawrence is a place that embodies what the US stands for for many immigrants who come here. It is a place that continues to prove the american dream is still alive, a place where immigrants stumble and fall, but keep getting back up again and keep rising ever higher. My grandfather told me before I left for the US: “don’t get stuck in the past, but never forget the land and the people you left behind.” I think his words beautifully capture the ideals that define Lawrence: the people here continue to preserve their native heritage while at the same time adapt to a new way of life. It is this mixture of cultures that will enable them to keep pushing and soaring every higher.

Bienvenidos a nuestro blog / Welcome to our blog

Queridos visitantes, los invitamos a escuchar las voces de la Ciudad de Inmigrantes–Lawrence, Massachusetts–a admirar las historias de los que se han criado aquí, migrado a esta ciudad, y ayudado a darle forma a este lugar.  Consideren participar en el proyecto, o contribuyendo sus propias historias escritas u ofreciéndose para ser entrevistados por nuestro equipo.  ¡Gracias!


Dear visitors, we invite you to listen to the voices of the Immigrant City–Lawrence, Massachusetts–to admire the stories of those who have grown up here, migrated to this city, and helped shape this place into what it is today.  Please consider contributing your own story by contacting the editors to set up an interview or write your own story to post on the blog.  Thank you!